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Kids Astronomy

Do you know what a Quasar is? Me neither? Go to Kids to learn about the planets, stars, black holes, Quasars, nebulas, galaxies or deep space exploration. This website includes interactive models and includes articles and information on deep space objects. Note: Although this website may not look very professional, it is actually very kid friendly as it is very interactive, pronounces the names of planets or space objects and is very easy to read.

 (Recommend 4-5th Grade reading level or higher.)

Math Playground

Parents? Is your child struggling in school with math? Are you wanting to help your student improve their math skills or even teach your kids the basics of dealing with money? Refer them to math playground where they can play really fun games that teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, ratios, integers and even learn how to make change.

(Recommend 2-3rd Grade and Up)

Mr. Nussbaum

Is your child trying to learn the states? Struggling with fractions or math? Check Mr. Nussbaum's website to study the state maps, play fun math games, or to learn about animals and space. Teachers may refer to Mr. Nussbaum's website for lesson plans, math worksheets, interactive science modules, read articles on the American Revolution, the Civil War, World Wars, Exploreers, Westward Epxnasion or biographies. Teachers can also find reading comprehension or close reading activities on Mr. Nussbaum's website.

National Geographic Kids

Doing an animal project? Learn about different kinds of Amphibians like the poison dart frog, the American bull frog, the Red Eyed Tree Frog or many other types of frogs or toads. Want to learn about birds? Check out the Blue Footed Booby, a Great Horned Owl, the Bald Eagle, penguins and other flying friends. Do you love playing in the water? Want to research aquatic (water or ocean) life? Come research the Clown fish, a Great White Shark, a pufferfish, a leaping Mobula Ray or other cool sea critters. Doing an insect study? Learn about ants, Praying Mantis, the Luna Moth, butterflies, bees or other groundling creatures. Maybe you like something more with scales? Check out information on the Chameleon, crocodiles, alligators, snakes , the Komodo Dragon or a Galpagos Tortoise. Maybe you just really like something fuzzy....learn about mammals like chimpanzees, cheetahs, hedgehogs, lions, elephants and other favorites.

Taking a trip to another planet on a planet study? Come learn about the different planets, the Milky Way, Dwarf Planets, newly discovered planets or deep space objects like asteroids, meteors and black holes.


Do you just love Dinosaurs? Learn about the Allosaurus, Ankylosaurus, the Brachiosaurus, the Iguanodon or other ancient beings.


Doing a country study? Learn about the population, currency (money), flag, languages spoken, government, geography or history of a country.

This is a fantastic website that Mrs. Kolb (librarian) highly recommends for students and teachers from 3rd-8th grade.

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