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This Program is Currently on Hiatus

Planning to Resume Fall of 2022

"The Voices of Hillsboro" is a pilot podcast program designed to capture the history of the Hillsboro area and surrounding townships or villages. The podcast features long-time residents or those who grew up in the area. Topics may include the history of agriculture, culture, economic development, education, major events, politics, or World War II, The Korean War or Vietnam and how they affected the local area at the time.


Director Kolb got the idea for the program from NPR's  "All Things Considered", which she enjoyed listening to when working as a conservation assistant repairing books for the University of Illinois. This program is being dedicated to Director Kolb's grandmother, Louise Singler, who shared personal histories with her as she was growing up.

"The Pandemic, Then and Now" featuring Barb Mulch.

(Discusses the Spanish Flu (H1N1) Pandemic of 1918 and Coronavirus (COVID 19), a comparison and contrast between the local and global impacts, precautions taken then and now, feelings towards the viruses, and various methods used to create the vaccines, etc.)
















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For more information regarding the newspaper articles please email Director Shelley Kolb at or come to the library to skim the digitized newspapers for yourself on our Genealogy Computer! FYI: The Journal-News has given Director Kolb special copyright permission to share the articles with individuals who request them for this project.

"Farming in the 50's and the Vietnam Draft" with Bob Mullins*


"Lincoln's Visit to Hillsboro" by Pat Brink

  (The Early Settlers of Hillsboro Part II)

"The Early Settlers of Hillsboro Part I" by Pat Brink





Bliss, Dorothy. Hillsboro, A History: The Montgomery County News, 1989. Print.

Tillson, Christiana. A Woman's Story of Pioneer Illinois: Unigraphic Inc., 1974. Print. 

For more information, you can check out these titles at the Hillsboro Public Library.

Early Settlers of the Hillsboro Area (FiPat Brink and Shelley Kolb
00:00 / 24:13
Lincoln's Visit to Hillsboro (EarlyPat Brink and Shelley Kolb
00:00 / 14:12
Farming in the 50's and the Vietnam DraftBob Mullins and Shelley Kolb
00:00 / 26:24

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