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Reading Recommendations

Middle School Readers
Popular Young Adult Novels
Graphic Novels
Mrs. Kolb's Personal Favorites (Librarian Recommended)
 Elementary and Middle School Resources
(Grades 5 and Up)


Bookopolis is like Goodreads for kids. If you love reading and writing, join Bookopolis where you can keep track of the books you've read, write book reviews,  invite friends to share books, or discover what to read next!


Fact  Monster is an educational website designed help students with homework. This website has provides help with fractions and multiplication for math, information on science, especially different biomes or habitats, and also has a map of the states for social studies homework.

Make Beliefs Comics

Do you love drawing or doodling? Have you ever wanted to make your own comic? If so, check out Make Beliefs Comics where you can design your own online comic and print it or share it with friends!

High School Resources and Research Assistance
(Grades 9-12)

App Creator

Do you love computers and phones? Do you want to be a game designer or app designer? Check out create your own apps!


Biography A&E is great for upper junior high and high school students researching biographies for reports or research papers. Scroll to the middle of the webpage to type in a name in the search bar.


Practicing your Spanish or French? Try Duolingo's website or app for free and learn a new language or practice your skills.

The Periodic Table

Need a reference to the periodic table for chemistry or physics? Use this periodic table for reference for studying for tests or for completing homework. Click on each square to learn the name of the element and its properties.

Purdue Owl Online

Purdue Owl Online is essential for any high school student needing to create a "Works Cited" or "Bibliography" page for the first time for their essay or report. This website shows you how to cite a book, anthology, an article, a newspaper, an online article or website. This website is a great tool to prepare students for college or for those already in college to have in your toolbox as a reference when writing research papers using MLA or APA citation style.

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